Aircraft Rental

Rent one of our aircraft for flight instruction, local flying, sightseeing or cross country flights. Renting is easy and there are no minimum hour experience requirements. Read and complete the required paperwork by selecting the application and separate Pilot Info button below, go for a checkout with an approved CFI and you're ready to schedule the plane!  

N255KR is a 1978 180 HP 172N. It's Garmin IFR equipped with a GNS 530 GPS and second nav/comm. It is ADS-B out equipped and a portable, wireless ADS-B receiver (open to all flying apps) is available for use also.

The hourly rental rate is $145.00 including fuel. Discounts are available when purchasing block time.


N596CS is a 1997 Cessna 172R with King digital IFR and KLN 94 GPS. It is also equipped with Stratus ESG Transponder with ADSB. The hourly rental rate is $145.00 including fuel. Discounts are available when purchasing block time.

What's Next?

After completing the application and pilot info sheet and emailing to, you're ready for a short checkout with one of the local CFI's. Click on the Local Flight Instructors button at the top of the page and select an instructor from the list. In addition to the checkout, this may be a good opportunity to combine the flight with a Biannual Flight Review, Instrument Proficiency Check or an extended checkout with someone who knows the local area and can recommend popular flying destinations. 

Upon completion of the checkout you will be emailed your log-in information for the aircraft scheduler and you can begin scheduling and flying immediately. The scheduler is accessible from your PC, laptop or smartphone. 

Additional Info

Protect yourself with renters insurance

Avra Valley Flyers strongly recommends you protect yourself when you fly with Renter’s Insurance. The Renter, even as a student pilot, is responsible for any deductibles regardless of any wrong-doing / negligence on the part of the renter, any & all damage to third-party persons / property and may be subrogated against by primary aircraft’s insurance-policy underwriter for primary aircraft damage / loss / loss of use. Renter’s Insurance offers protection against these risks and follows you the renter to many places that you may go. Contact Wenk Aviation Insurance for additional details. 847-235-2491

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Aircraft is available 24 hrs/7 days a week. 

Our Aircraft is located at the Marana Regional Airport, Approximately 10 miles NW of Tucson 

11700 W. Avra Valley Rd, Marana AZ 85653


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